The Stepping Stone Of Your NDIS Journey

Obsidian Care is the stepping stone that brings you and your loved ones a sense of balance across your NDIS journey with our 24/7 quality care.

We are committed to revolutionising disability support among people with disabilities of all ages in Sydney NSW, with the help of passionate staff to make a visible difference in their lives. Obsidian Care is ready to support you in accomplishing your life goals and strengthening your capability to live positively in your community.

Begin Your NDIS Journey with us

Obsidian Care

We help you to live a balanced life by connecting you with passionate caregivers and people who share your interests in your community. We simplify your NDIS experience so you or your loved ones can get the most out of your NDIS Plan.

Obsidian Care tailors the holistic services for you as we are mindful that every participant has unique sets of needs whilst helping you or your loved ones to get the most from your NDIS Plan 24 hours and 7 days a week.

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Live The Independent Life You Deserve

We balance your overall wellbeing and help you to achieve what you want by providing you with opportunities to partake in work, education, and other activities, therefore you can discover new skills whilst enjoying recreation time with people you love.At Obsidian Care, our team of dedicated caregivers supports your life choices, values your opinion and delivers assistance based on your feedback. Navigate your NDIS plan with confidence and discover your true potential.

Group & Centre Based Activities

  • Inspire you while providing assistance during your engagement in recreational activities.
  • Socialise and acquire new skills that are beneficial to your everyday lives.

Community Participation

  • Help you to connect with the community in social activities of your liking.
  • Enhance your confidence in living your life as autonomously as possible.

Household Tasks

  • General housekeeping including essential cleaning and other maintenance chores.
  • Maintain a comfortable living space with a safe environment for you.

Development of Life Skills

  • Provide you with life skills development including public transport training.
  • Build a greater sense of self-esteem in you to access the community easily.

Innovative Community Participation

  • Improve your existing life skills or learn new ones from community workshops.
  • Guide you to overcome challenges faced in your current or future jobs.

Daily Tasks & Shared Living

  • Enhance your skills to live independently in a group setting.
  • Deliver to participants in shared units or living in a host family arrangement.

How Obsidian Care Works?

We are with you every step of the way in simplifying your NDIS experience, as we bring you accessibilities to person-centred care services, depending upon your daily requirements and needs.

As an NDIS provider, we will work with you and grant you access to valuable tools, resources and peer support to make navigating the NDIS easier. This can ensure you can receive the right NDIS support in a way that is convenient for you.

Step 1 – Listen

We take your needs into consideration while listening attentively to making sure we reach your life goals, expectations, thoughts, and objectives.

Step 2 – Connect

You will meet with a representative after being contacted by the National Disability Insurance Agency, and you will be guided throughout the process of making an NDIS plan.

Step 3 – Plan

With your given information analysed by a National Disability Insurance Agency representative, an NDIS plan will be developed to cater for your needs.

Step 4 – Act

Meet with your representative from the National Disability Insurance Agency and discuss how to put your specific plans into action.

Step 5 – Review

Your NDIS plan will be reviewed annually for further upgrade or to identify any more that we can do to assist you.

A Balance Life Begins With Obsidian Care